CoolPoint PVT LTD. has been manufacturing HVAC/R since 1999. We are Pakistan’s largest HVAC Manufacturing Company providing services experienced in providing Coldchain solutions, HVAC, retailing solutions, and light commercial products.

We Are A Leading Solution Driven Company With Years Of Understanding Of HVAC Industry. Our Research Has Enabled Our Engineers And Trained Workforce To Administer All Aspects Of Designing HVAC Systems.

Our portfolio of proven solutions showcases our versatility in innovative solutions.

We are serving a wide plethora of brands, small business, and huge conglomerates.

We are helping companies usher into the future of innovation with our eye on future technologies. With the dedication of our experienced engineers, we are making strides in providing high turn-key solutions.

Impressive range of solutions

Infrastructure, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, restaurants, food and beverages, government institutions are just some of solutions we are offering. Our engineers are inept in successfully managing all aspects of designing HVAC, pharmaceutical CDMO services, and control systems in restaurants and hotels.

Nobody Knows HVAC/R Better Than CoolPoint. 

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CoolPoint delivers more than promised. It delivers innovation.

The main purpose of our design is to maintain premium air quality. We understand the importance of enriching a healthy environment. Our versatility allows us to strive for premium air ventilation and filtration. Ours is a design dictated by innovation, quality care, and support.