COOLPOINT Modular design is adopted for Air-Cooled Screw Liquid Chiller, the suppliers for refrigeration fittings and control components are chosen from world-famous manufacturers, and the state of the art intelligent control scheme is employed, enabling high efficiency, energy-saving, stable and reliable operation of the chiller, self-equipped multi-chiller joint control function can realize joint control of 8 chillers at maximum and easily satisfy air conditioning demands of different occasions.

Air Cooled water chiller ranges from 5-HP to 100-HP.

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  • The heat exchanger on water side with patented design of counter flow in combination with internal threaded high-efficiency tube can promote heat exchange efficiency by 20% to 30%.

  • New open window aluminum fins are employed, greatly strenthening air perturbation on the surface of heat exchange tubes and fins on air side and improving heat exchange efficiency by approximate 8%.

  • Adoption of semi-closed twin-screw compressor supported by design of special build-in muffer reduces noise and vibration of compressor.

  • Lug design enables simple and safe hoisting.

  • Water flow switch has been installed on water pipe of heat exchanger on water side, and operation being after startup, saving the time of site installation.

  • Modular design is adopted, and joint control module interface is reserved on microcomputer controller of each chiller. Networking control can be achieved only by connecting lines of communication among multiple chillers and setting the host and save machines.

  • Built in Hydraulic module system integrate: water pump, filter, expansion tank, flow switch, safety valve, pressure gauge, drain valve etc.

  • Low ambient cooling unit: Units can cooling in low ambient temperature, the minimum entering air temperature -5C

  • Compressor: sound-proof shield: Reducing the noise of compressor.

  • Protection fence: Protecting units effectively.

  • Unit attachments: Spring shock absorption.

  • Customizing: Providing required water inlet and outlet temperature according to customers need.


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