COOLPOINT has recently introduced Centrifugal Chillers. This technology is introduced as a replacement of ‘absorption’ technology whose demand was fading due to the scarcity of natural gas and eventually increase in gas prices.

The Centrifugal Chiller yields the highest Coefficient of Performance (COP) in the industry. This Chiller operates closely with real-time load demand that reduces operational cost as compared to any other technology. To introduce this technology in Pakistan, Cool Point collaborated with one of the most reputed brands in China i.e. ‘TICA’ which manufactures with the Technology License from ‘Carrier’.

CoolPoint-TICA Centrifugal Chiller is certified in accordance with the AHRI Water-Cooled Water-Chilling and Heat Pump Water-Heating packages using Vapor Compression Cycle Certification Program, which is based on AHRI Standard 550/590 (1-P) and AHRI Standard 551/591 (SI).

380v cooling capacity range: TWCF300 ~ TWCF1500RT COP:5.24 ~ 6.17

10kv cooling capacity range: TWCF1000 ~ TWCF1650RT COP:5.65 ~ 5.88

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Leading technology

  • Closed type compressor mechanism

  • Closed efficient single-stage compression

  • Super-efficient heat transfer technology

Energy Efficient

  • High efficiency impeller and rotary diffuser

  • SRD Separate Ring Diffuser

  • Linear float valve


  • High Stabilization

  • Gear drive patent from UTC

  • Avoid compressor noise, motor heat dissipation and concentricity problems

Environmental Protection

Easy Installation

Advanced Control