COOLPOINT coils feature continuous plate type fins and staggered tube arrangements. This design provides the best engineering balance between heat transfer, airflow resistance, strength, and maintenance. Each tube is supported across its entire length by the fins; thereby providing a rigid coil of unmatched strength and durability.

For the usual application of heat transfer, coils are made of copper headers and tubes, with aluminum fins and galvanized steel frames. Coil frames are designed to support the finned core and prevent strains caused by expansion and contraction of finned core. Heavy gauge galvanized steel tube sheets are provided withdrawn collars to prevent wearing and chafing of tubes.

DX Type Coils:

Coils are available in sizes from 1 to 16 rows of tubes in direction of airflow, 4 to 44 tubes per tow. These variations provide economical selections when considering all the application requirements: cost, space limitations, pressure drop, heat transfer, and maintenance. Consult the factory for custom sizes and construction.

Water Cooling / Heating coils:

All kind and sizes of water cooling/ heating coils are available. Heading provides coils with multiple continuous serpentine circuits. Full tube size return bends are used to minimize fluid friction.

Steam Heating Coils:

All steam heating coils shall be of the staggered tube, continuous plate-fin type assuring maximum heat transfer and a structurally sturdy fin tube bundle that prevent failure due to tube sagging and tube vibrations in the airstream as well as facilitating easier coil cleaning. Seamless tubes shall be expanded into the fins to form a permanent primary to secondary surface bond as well as to verify the overall strength integrity of the tubing.


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All types and sizes of coils are made with imported material on fully automatic CNC machines. These coils are being used for manufacturing of water coolers, Air conditioners and for the replacement in standard and custom made AC units from 3/8” and 5/8” Copper tubes. Facilities available on a turnkey basis as well


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