COOLPOINT fan coil units have been designed with the requirement of the Pakistani market-foremost in consideration. Fan coil units are ideally suited for installation in chilled water or DX applications to meet air conditioning requirements of individual rooms throughout the year. Increasingly, architects require a hidden indoor unit with a custom enclosure to match the aesthetic requirements of the space. The cooling medium can be refrigerant for DX applications in:

• small residences
• apartment houses
• small commercial establishments
• mosques

For individual room temperature control in chilled water applications, Hi – Static fan coils can be an ideal solution on major projects involving :

• Apartment Complexes
• Office Blocks
• Hospitals & Clinics
• Shopping Malls & Centers
• Airports
• Hi-rise Buildings
• Hotels & Motels

Hi – Static fan coil units are available in a capacity range of 600 – 2400 cfm (283-1133 l/s), in various models having 8 sizes each. Configurations available include ceiling suspended horizontal or vertical floor mounted.

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  • High efficiency coil with high efficiency wavy corrugated fins.

  • Hi-efficiency, low power consumption PSC electric motor.

  • Hi-efficiency forward curved fan for quiet operation.

  • Manual air vent.

  • Heavy gauge galvanized casing & fan housing. Hot dip is standard.

  • Coils: Cooling & heating coils are manufactured from 3/8`` (9.5mm) OD seamless copper tubes mechanically bonded to high efficiency wavy corrugated aluminium fins. Copper fins are available as an option.

  • Fan/Motor: Hi - Static fan coil units use centrifugal double inlet double width low noise fans direct driven by single phase, 3-speed permanent split capacitor motor.

  • Casing: Units are constructed from high gauge galvanized steel sheet complying with ASTM-A525 and JSIG-3302 for maximum protection against corrosion.

  • Thermostats: Wall mounted decorative type, Cooling only or Cooling/Heating thermostats available with sub-bases.

  • Double Skin Unit: (specify option DSU)

  • Controls: Various options on valve packages and control systems are available. 8 different valve packages are available factory installed or loose for field mounting along with 3 options on control packages.

  • Auxiliary and / or Double Insulated Drain Pans: Available for models DDC and DDP only to provide extended and additional protection against condensation below valve packages.

  • Powder Coated Decorative Finish: Available for models DDF only where required for exposed installation.

  • Supply and Return Air Grille: Powder coated discharge grille and/or return grille available for DDE & DDF.

  • Discharge Plenum: A discharge plenum for free standing DDF models only is available.


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