COOLPOINT Package Air Conditioner for Mobile Applications provides a quiet, calm, efficient, and reliable solution for applications like wedding ceremonies, catering, outdoor events, instant cooling requirements in remote areas and in industrial processes.

Special Applications of Package Air Conditioners

• Instant Cooling Requirement in Remote Areas
• Wedding Ceremonies
• Tents / Canopy Cooling / Heating
• Day-Night Outdoor Events
• Industrial Processes Cooling
• Air Craft Cooling
• Submarine / Ships Cooling
• Tunnel Cooling

Package Type Mobile Air Conditioners are available in vide range of capacities configurations and air patterns with transport trolleys. These are available in cooling capacities starting from 10 to 100 Ton

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  • Weather proof body designed for rouged and tough environments, for their applications outside the building, either on ground level or on rooftop.

  • Evaporator units are available in various designs; a flexible duct can be used to transport air from the unit to the target area.

  • These units can also be used for heating purposes during the winter season as well. Electrical heaters option available.

  • Package air conditioners for mobile applications are used in flexible fold-able ducts to transport the air at any specific targeted area.

  • Safety precaution for the transport purpose are deeply studied before designing of these units. Therefore these units have no any technical problem in running on roads while mounted on trolleys and trucks.

  • All the components installed in these units are specially selected to with stand event at high vibrations and jerks.

  • These units are designed for high ambient conditions as well as very low ambient conditions suitable for all the provinces of Pakistan.

  • Digital temperature controllers are provided as standard features for better control of temperatures.

  • These units are available in different arrangement and configurations to attach with flexible ducting system.

  • Heating options: Electric heating & heat pump (reversible refrigeration system)

  • Evaporator fan can be provided with variable frequency drive for the variable speed application.

  • Backward curved evaporator fans can be provided for the high static pressure applications.

  • Copper evaporator / condenser coils.

  • High capacity evaporator coils of capacity 10 to 100 Ton.

  • Special evaporator coils are available for low humidity applications.

  • Special paints / coatings in different color are available.

  • Double wall / single wall evaporator area.

  • High efficiency washable aluminum filters.

  • Power supply monitoring.

  • Energy hour meter.


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