COOLPOINT Pharma / Hospital Grade Packaged Air Conditioning Units are specially designed for the classified areas e.g. Pharmaceuticals, Operation Theaters, Hospitals & All Kind of Clean Room applications.

These units have 2 segments:

  • Evaporator Side – Air Handling Unit
  • Condensing Unit

Cool Point Pharma Grade Package Unit comes in 16-Basic Models starting from 4-tons to 42 tons.

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  • Complete packaged concept of economy and efficiency

  • No field piping required- it eventually decreases installation time and cost.

  • Designed on plug and play concept.

  • Units are factory gas charged which reduces the chance of leakage and overcharging.

  • Manufactured on a common based which reduces mechanical and transportation damages.

  • Any kind of filtration configuration can be achieved in Air Handling Unit side for different classified Areas.

  • Air Handling Unit cabinet design simulation / performance calculation is done with AHU Designing Software in accordance with ARI/ ASHRAE/ EUROVENT Standards.

  • Cooling coils (DX / Chilled Water) are designed and performance is calculated by using state of the art software.

  • Variable AHU dimensioning features for flexible cabinet sizing &configuration.

  • Double sloped drain pan, powder coated and SS.

  • Condensing units comes with scroll / reciprocating compressor options.

  • Customized options for multiple sections e.g. mixing box, filter section, coil section, fan section, heat recovery wheel etc.


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