Jenvin Modular AHU

Structures of Jenvin modular AHUs meet the requirements of EN1886 (a European standard), and VDI 6022-1 and DIN 1946-4 (Germany standards). Core parts are international well-known brands. They not only feature superior mechanical performance, but also apply to high-grade operating rooms, pharmaceutical manufacturing workshops, and factories in food industry, etc.



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[cq_vc_gradientbox avatartype=”image” avatarimage=”5661″ boxtitle=”Reliable Quality” contentcolor=”#000000″]All components including the fan and motor adopt the most cutting-edge configurations. The case is developed based on the highest industrial standard.[/cq_vc_gradientbox][cq_vc_gradientbox avatartype=”image” avatarimage=”5671″ boxtitle=”Incombustible Design” contentcolor=”#000000″]Incombustible mineral wool for insulation, class A fire protection.[/cq_vc_gradientbox]
[cq_vc_gradientbox avatartype=”image” avatarimage=”5669″ boxtitle=”No Cold Bridge and Not Rust” contentcolor=”#000000″]A profile that prevents cold bridge generation is added to the interior, together with internal lining square steel, to achieve EN1886 TB2 cold bridge factor and T2 case heat transfer coefficient[/cq_vc_gradientbox][cq_vc_gradientbox avatartype=”image” avatarimage=”5672″ boxtitle=”Fast Customization” contentcolor=”#000000″]Fast model selection from various built-in templates, complete management interface, real-time report, correct and intuitive data.[/cq_vc_gradientbox]