Tropical application, R22 type, including Cassette, and Duct type units. The units are completely assembled, internally wired, charged outdoor unit with refrigerant. It is applicable to home, office, hospital, hotel etc.

R22 50Hz 1

The range of capacity is from 5.3 Kw to 16 Kw.

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R22 50Hz 3


High Efficiency

Famous scroll compressor with quick reactivity, stronger power, and operation stable. Anti-attenuation design and better low-temperature heating performance.

High Reliability

  • Multi measures to ensure units operate normally

  • Self-diagnosis function

  • Phase fault protection

  • High/low pressure switch protection

High Performance Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger are adopted hydrophilic fins and inner-copper tube, increasing the heat exchanger efficiency..

Convenient Installation

For the duct and cassette, hidden in the ceiling, are not hindered by the location of lighting fixtures or room structure. Duct connected installation meets for different room structure.

R22 50 HZ T3 Series