Wide application, R22 type, including Floor & Ceiling, Cassette, and Duct type units. The units are completely assembled, internally wired, charged the outdoor unit with refrigerant. It is applicable to home, office, hospital, hotel etc.

R22 Side 1

The range of 50Hz capacity is from 9kBtu/h to 60kBtu/h and the range of 60Hz capacity is from 12kBtu/h to 60kBtu/h

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R22 Side 2



  • Aluminum Profile Frame for maximum rigidity and strength.

  • Access and fixed panels - constructed of hot dip galvanized steel

  • Inner panel skin made of galvanized steel- easy to clean and has smooth surface

  • Painted CWAHU made out of a zinc coated galvanized steel thoroughly de-greased and then phosphated before application of an average 60 micron backed electrostatic polyester dry powder coating

  • All panels and profiles frame is internally insulated

R22 Side Discharge Outdoor Unit Series