COOLPOINT presents an exclusive range of Wall Mounted DC Inverter to give more comfort and energy saving with outstanding hardware and leading technology.

Cool Point Wall Mounted DC Inverter comes in 3 variants.


1W Power Standby – Inverter

  • As the air conditioner stands by, the system automatically enters energy saving mode; energy consumption can be saved by 80% in this mode. The energy consumption for standby mode of air conditioner is less than 1w.

Electric Expansion Valve – Inverter

  • Electronic Expansion valve is adopted for intelligent and precise regulation of refrigerant flow in outdoor units do that the air conditioner can accurately achieve cooling or heating under all working conditions.

Low Voltage Products

  • Specially designed low voltage compressor can make the air conditioner smoothly start up and run at the voltage level of 17V -253V; thus avoid voltage instability or frequent power outages causing damage for the air conditioner, as well as maintains the continuity of cooling or heating work.

Golden Fin Anti – corrosion Treatment

  • The heating exchanger of outdoor unit undergoes a special treatment called Golden Fin which gives you more strength to prevent corrosion. If compare to that of conventional units, also protecting its integrity and services during the time. Golden Fin protection lasts in the time and makes that outdoor unit more pleasant to see.