Our Mission


Aimed to becoming a leader in providing services including Design, HVAC/R, MEP, Retailing Solutions and Elevators, CoolPoint aims to provide trustworthy solutions for our clients.

Innovation enriched with growth is our mission.

CoolPoint is making strides to achieve that on a national and international level. We aspire to provide premium project management solutions for national and multinational brands. Our hardworking workforce is immersed in building satisfaction among our clients. To put it simply, CoolPoint wants to lead in global innovation.


We aim to excel in our service and products for dynamic results. We believe satisfaction comes from quality delivery and optimal results. Our clients are a testimonial of our confidence in realizing daunting projects. CoolPoint aims to provide customized high turn-key solutions for small, medium to large scale institutions.

Our vision is to create an environment conducive for successful delivery, maximum satisfaction, and promote innovation.

It is our view that real success comes from innovation which we deliver through dedicated team of professional technicians. We envision our journey to be led by trustworthy service. CoolPoint aspires to become a first choice partner for companies seeking high quality development.

Our Values


We take great pride in our honest approach which creates trust in our customer relationships. Fostering trust is our priority.

Team work

Our team is comprised of highly exceptional individuals who are passionate about our mission. We create a productive environment for them to collaborate across all departments.


Our mission dictates our dedication to delivering valued experience to our clients. We are not only driven by success, our work is a testimony of customer centric approach.


Growth means our products helping companies create a sustainable and healthy environment. We want to be a leader for the future innovation and growth in high turn-key solutions.