Our story:

Coolpoint pvt LTD has been a part of Cold Chain field since 1999. We are Pakistan’s largest HVAC Manufacturing Company providing services experienced in providing services like Coldchain solutions, HVAC, retailing solutions, and light commercial. We are a leading solution driven company with years of understanding of HVAC industry. Our years of research has enabled our engineers and trained workforce to administer all aspects of designing HVAC systems.

Our portfolio of proven solutions showcases our versatility in innovative solutions. We are serving a wide plethora of brands, small business, and huge conglomerates. We are helping companies usher into the future of innovation with our close eye on future technologies. CoolPoint is aspiring to keep up with latest trends and research in technology. We are well versed in understanding varying needs of our clients and with the dedication of our experienced engineers, we are making strides in the Coldchain and HVAC industry. We are not only offering optimal engineered solutions, we are constantly innovating like our CoolPoint air purifier. Nobody knows air processing systems better than CoolPoint.

HVAC Equipment, Cold chain and much more

The main purpose of our design is to maintain premium air quality through ventilation system. We understand the importance of enriching a healthy environment and thus our mission is to provide innovative solutions. Our versatility allows us to strive for premium air ventilation and filtration. We believe traditional HVAC systems might not be the right option for everyone so, CoolPoint is experienced in providing innovative solutions fit to the customer’s needs.

CoolPoint is reinventing air ventilation systems. As part of our mission for the future, we are offering HVAC systems, coldchain solution, retail vertical transport, and air purifying systems to name a few. We are focused on cultivating positive relationship with our customers. Our 24/7 immaculate customer services is a testimonial of our dedication to achieving global innovation.

Impressive range of solutions

Infrastructure, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, restaurants, food and beverages, government institutions are just some of solutions we are offering. CoolPoint presents promising and consistent design which is also customized according to our client’s needs. Our engineers are inept in successfully managing all aspects of designing HVAC, pharmaceutical CDMO services, and control systems in restaurants and hotels.

Our goal is provide good air quality ventilation, filtration, thermal comfort and air purification to your buildings. Not only this, CoolPoint has also designed outdoor ventilation for food and beverage companies to keep their products fresh and free from contamination. Our hotel management systems is designed to elevate experience for their customers and improve their building management systems.

Choosing CoolPoint has also benefited healthcare facilities where HVAC systems and air purification is of utmost importance for medical purposes. We are experienced in keeping up with the unique challenges that might rise and our workforce is dedicated to improving growth for us and our clientele. We are also proud to say that CoolPoint is also providing optimal solutions to government and semi-government as well.


We aim to excel in our service and products for dynamic results. We believe satisfaction comes from quality delivery and optimal results. Our clients are a testimonial of our confidence in realizing daunting projects. CoolPoint aims to provide customized solutions for small, medium to large scale institutions. Our vision is to create an environment conducive for successful delivery, maximum satisfaction, and promote innovation.

Since 1999, CoolPoint is cultivating growth in the Cold Chain field by dedicating an experienced workforce. It is our view that real success comes from innovation which we deliver through dedicated team of professional technicians. We envision our journey to be led by trustworthy service. CoolPoint aspires to become a first choice partner for companies seeking high quality development.

Mission statement

CoolPoint is dedicated to providing turn-key solutions for wide range development. We are proud of our dedicated team which is working diligently to bring global innovation. Aimed to become a leader in providing services including Design, HVAC/R, MEP, Retailing Solutions and Elevators, CoolPoint aims to provide trustworthy solutions for our clients. Innovation enriched with growth is our mission and CoolPoint is making strides to achieve that on a national and international level.

Our mission is to be a dynamic company in Cold Chain field. We aspire to provide premium project management solutions for national and multinational brands. Our hardworking workforce is immersed in building satisfaction among our clients. Our goal is to lead by honesty, quality deliverance, and global innovation.