Cool Point Group is proud of its ventures.
Our aim is to become a pioneer in high quality
services led by
environmental consciousness, driving innovation
and excellent customer care.

Leading the way in bringing innovation. The CoolPoint group specializes in purposeful manufacturing
and seeking to improve our position in the market through innovation.


As the leading Home Appliances manufacturing company in Pakistan, Waves has become a household brand name nationwide. The Waves Cool industries became a pioneer in the deep freezers production in 1970. Since then, split air conditioners, refrigerator, and glass top and sliding door freezers production revolutionized air quality in Pakistan.

Being an unstoppable force in the national market, Waves also launched its first ever vertical air conditioner in Pakistan. Not only this, home based appliances like microwave and washing machine is also mass produced and sold nationwide since 2012. Currently Waves is ruling as the national home appliance industry in Pakistan.

Cool Point (Pvt.) Ltd.

Established in 1999, Cool Point has become the largest manufacturing company for HVAC/R equipment, Col chain field, and other retailing solutions. Moreover, we also offer extensive array of project management in turn-key solutions for pharmaceuticals, restaurants, government institutions, food industry, multinational and national brands.

We take great pride in our immaculate research, design, development, and after sales customer care. Since 2017, we have experienced $200 million worth turnover and it has increased exponentially since then. Our prolific workforce comprising of more than 350 employees is diligently working to provide customized solutions to our clients.

We are currently offering proven solutions

MAH Plastic Industries (Pvt.) Limited

A subsidiary of CoolPoint group, MAH Plastic is a leader in plastic equipment industry. From conceptual planning till final commissioning, we are dedicated to providing professional services for commercial, private and industrial usage. We are working on a mission to become the leading molded plastic manufacturer in Pakistan.

Since 1999, MAH Plastic (Pvt.) Ltd has been developed an extensive process of research, development, and engineering and design improvements for its products. Their products have been utilized in refrigeration, automotive parts, medical instruments, and home appliances.

Revive Pharmakon

Revive Pharmakon is another versatile venture of CoolPoint group. Committed to improving healthcare across country, Revive Pharmakon has made strenuous efforts to provide high quality services led by environmental consciousness, safety and efficiency.

Established in 2015, Revive Pharmakon is one of the largest providers of diverse range of IV solutions for maintaining the electrolyte balance and supplementing carbohydrate levels in human body. Their enterprises have an exceptional staff who strive to provide high quality products to maintain trustworthy supply of products.