COOLPOINT Classic Series AHU is designed to a high engineering efficiency standards and are ideal, where the requirement of clean, hygiene air is mandatory. CoolPoint can produce high quality, flexible air handling unit which can provide excellent thermal efficiencies and to be airtight. Besides, the air handling unit is produced with flexible features to meet the indoor air quality, operating efficiency, sound level and insulation requirement for today’s extensive commercial and demanding markets.

Cool Point Classic Series AHU available is all capacities to delivery from 1000 CFM to 20000 CFM (nominal air flow rate against total static pressure up to 8.0 IWG (2000 Pa).

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The AHU is constructed of high strength extruded aluminum to form rigid frame. With its new thermal barrier feature which is using three leg-fiber plastic corner pieces, 25 or 50 mm polyurethane (PU) insulation panel and prevent condensation occurring. The new thermal break profile can perform better than the basic profile in terms of providing better insulation and energy saving.

  • Modular construction.

  • Application flexibility.

  • Perfect Thermal break profile.

  • No materials that cause threat to human health.

  • No Material which facilitates the growth of harmful microorganisms.

  • VFD Complete compatible.

  • VCD (Manual + Motorized).

  • Motorized Valves &Controls.

  • SS Inner / Outer.

  • Copper fins, electro-tinned coils or coils with protective coating

  • Marine Light.

  • Ultra Violet lighting for bacteria killing.

  • 2” PU Panel thickness can be supplied in sections.

  • Flexible design options.

  • DX & Chilled Water Coils.


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Classic Series