COOLPOINT Air Cooled split type air conditioners comprises of two sections:

a) Condensing unit for the outdoor installation.
b) Floor standing unit for the indoor installation.

These units are designed to provide maximum efficiency at tropical conditions. These units are best suitable for installation in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

floor standing cabinet

Wide range of models provides even better choice to select a particular one for all individual applications.

It ranges from 5- HP to 30-HP.

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  • Weather proof design of condensing unit permits their installation outside the building, either on ground level or on rooftop.

  • Evaporator units are available in various designs. A ducted (standard-model) can be installed above the false ceiling or at the floor in a separate free space.

  • Outdoor units comprises of compressor, condenser coil, condenser fan & motor and all required electrical & refrigerant accessories.

  • Indoor units comprises of evaporator coil, evaporator fan & motor, refrigerant control and electronic control panel.

  • These units can also be used for heating purposes during the winter season. An electrical duct heater is installed in the ducting system and connected to the unit’s control panel, only evaporator fan and heater will be in operation during Heating Mode.

  • Pressure gauges to witness the compressor operating conditions (in outdoor unit).

  • Rubber vibration isolators, to eliminate the transmission of unit’s vibration to the building.

  • Power Breaker for protection against and short circuiting.

  • Low ambient Control, to keep operating compressor discharge pressure within limits. When ambient temperature is low but unit required to operate on cooling, due to high inside temperatures.

  • Electrical Heater, for heating.


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