Our History

Every day, CoolPoint is striving to drive ease and innovation into our client’s life. Our illustrious journey has shaped us into the leading manufacturer for high turn-key solutions and premium project management.

COOL POINT (Pvt.) Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of HVAC Equipment, Deep Freezers and Refrigerators in Pakistan. Beyond that, we also offer project management for national and international clients. We are passionate about tackling developmental challenges for business.

On a commercial and semi commercial Projects Cool Point has been dealing in HVACR Projects in which we were using local made / Chinese HVACR equipment.

To gain sustainable competitive advantage by enhancing share in upcoming infrastructural changes in Pakistan; we intent to partner up with one of the world class HVACR equipment manufacturer to develop synergy for common success.

Since 1999, COOL POINT (Pvt.) Ltd. has grown into one of the prime HVAC/R equipment manufacturer and related services provider. Our belief in innovation and adaptability has led us to select and produce equipment to ensure we are able to meet any sort of customer demand. Our after-sales customer care is exemplary and we take great pride in

Our company

CoolPoint is a leading manufacturer in HVAC and related solutions provider. We are serving companies globally and around the country for high turn-key project management.

Our Mission

Our dedicated team are on a mission to develop synergy for businesses to improve their infrastructure and environment. Our workforce is comprised of experts in their own right.

1999-Established production of small split ACs and coils

1999-Established production of small split ACs and coils

2006- We successfully registered for ISO: 9001:2008 and ISO: 14001:2004 certifications. CoolPoint takes quality control seriously and since our inception, our services have been praised for meeting international quality standards.

2007- Enhanced and renovated the HVAC Project Range AHU & Package Unit.

Our HVAC Project Range AHU & Package Unit for maintaining a clean and hygienic environment. CoolPoint can produce high quality, flexible air handling unit which can provide excellent thermal efficiencies and to be airtight.

standard series

2008- Successfully registered with Govt. Departments including PN, CWO, CAA, GE Army, PAF etc.

2010- We started Cold Room / Reefer Container production.

This system is designed to store chilled food items. It provides continuous cooling as long as the truck engine is ON because the compressor is driven by the engine. Inside, the unit is fitted for an evaporator with fan coil arrangement which provides continuous monitoring and temperature control unit inside the cabin of the container.

2011- Started production and launch of Visi Cooler / Deep Freezer for Corporate Clients

Our coolers and deep freezers are ideal for commercial use. It is toughened with insulating glass, high quality compressors, and enlarged evaporator design to maintain low temperatures.

2012- We introduced VRF Multi Digital System & DC Inverter Split AC Units

Our launch of VRF Multi Digital System & DC Inverter Split AC Units has been successfully keeping your environment clean and healthy.

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2014- Successful approval of our innovative and robust design for Air Cooled / Water Cooled Screw Chillers AHRI and production.

Designed with excellent quality, the air/water cooled screw chiller has a compact design, using flooded evaporator and two semi-hermetic screw compressors.

2016- Launching Project Management Company

CoolPoint Pvt. Ltd emerged into a 360 degree project management company for clients who want innovative business solutions. Cool Point Project Management Division is led by a group of professional engineers, planners, sales engineers & designers working closely with our elite clientele.

We have strong and active sales team across Pakistan, which is easily approachable by mails, cell phone and website. Keeping in view our expertise, Cool Point is now ready to launch itself as a prime HVAC/R, MEP and other engineering solutions provider