Coolpoint has come up with an innovative idea of “Air Purifier” which gives you the highest CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate)…


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CoolPoint (Pvt.) Ltd. is a turn-key solution based entity that not only has its own well-experienced workforce of Planners, Engineers, and Technicians, It also has very strong liaisons with many internationally certified OEMs and official distributions such as Chigo, TICA, Nurdil, HAS Elevator, etc. to cover all the possible areas of the development sector.

CoolPoint expertise in the area of services like Design, HVAC/R, MEP, Retailing Solutions and Elevators. Catering all these areas under one umbrella makes CoolPoint very special and the natural choice to partner with in realizing the challenging projects.
Since 1999, CoolPoint has become a dynamic and fast-moving company in Cold Chain field; providing project management solutions from Small to megastructures (Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Brand Outlets, etc.), Government & Federal Institutions (Pakistan Atomic Energy, Pakistan Armed Forces), and Multinational & Domestic brands (Coca Cola, PEPSI, Nestle, Blue Band, Fruiten, Mon Salwa, Big Bird, Gourmet Foods, Savour Foods etc.)



Our mechanical engineers are experienced with all aspects of designing HVAC and other mechanical systems for a wide variety of facilities, both new and converted. We are experts in designing HVAC systems for facilities where air quality is of the utmost importance.


The demand within the global market for pharmaceutical CDMO services has been rising on account of the need to develop safe and effective drugs for the treatment of multiple diseases and disorders.


& Hotels

From integrating fan convectors in building-management systems to providing the desired control system. Hotels have high demands with regard to climate systems to guarantee comfortable heating, cooling and ventilation, integration with hotel management systems is becoming increasingly important.


Hospital, clinics and other medical facilities pose several unique challenges that aren't present in traditional HVAC situations. As such, it's important for designers, engineers, installers, maintenance and other personnel to be familiar with installing these HVAC systems for medical purposes.


& Beverage

Keeping outdoor contaminants from entering your building through our HVAC system is key to protecting your products, processes and people.



CoolPoint’s interest is to advocate the local industry to Government or Semi-Government Agencies, by providing them a complete solution.


The purpose of our design is to help maintain good air quality through adequate ventilation with filtration and provide thermal comfort. The choice and design of the solution makes the difference in any living and working environment.

Customer Care

Providing immaculate After-Sales services with high-speed execution by ensuring 24/7 availability, focusing not on the ‘business’- but the ‘relationship’.
Customer Care

Providing immaculate After-Sales services with high-speed execution by ensuring 24/7 availability, focusing not on the ‘business’- but the ‘relationship’.
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