The CWC air cooled / water cooled packaged liquid chillers are available in capacity range 5-Ton to 200-Ton, R-22, at ARI conditions, in one single enclosure.

CWC chillers have been designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of Pakistan’s severe climatic conditions and specifically for outdoor installation, on roofs or ground level. CWC chillers provide chilled water for air-conditioning or industrial purposes and applications. The modular construction permits savings in design, manufacture, installation, and inventory of parts needed to effectively maintain these units.

CWC chillers are factory assembled, leak-tested, evacuated, internally wired, fully charged with refrigerant. Each CWC chiller is fully factory tested before delivery and is ready for installation. All that is required on-site is to connect chilled water pipes and the main power supply.

CWC chillers are rated in accordance with ARI – 550/590 – 98. The design and ratings are based on refrigerant R-22.
Chillers with R-407-C/304-Ais also available on request.

CWC chillers are designed, as standard, to operate at a wide range of ambient temperatures from 50 F (10 C), or lower if optional low ambient operation kit is included, to 125 F (52 C) or higher to 131 F (55 C) if optional high ambient operation kit is included.

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  • CWC chillers are equipped with multiple compressors connected in parallel in order to achieve greater operating flexibility.

  • Compressors used in CWCA&W models are hermetically sealed or semi-sealed. Semi-hermetic compressors are equipped with an oil sight glass, suction and discharge service valves and crankcase heater

  • Condenser coils are manufactured from seamless copper tubes mechanically bonded to aluminium fins to ensure optimum heat transfer. All coils are tested against leakage by air pressure of 450 psig (3100 kPa) under water. All standard coils are 3 or 4 rows/12 FPI, (2.1 mm fin spacing), 3/8`` (9.5mm) O.D. tubes. An integral subcooling circuit is provided to increase the chiller cooling capacity, without additional operating costs.

  • The condenser fans are propeller type, aluminium alloy blades, directly driven by electric motors. Motors are Totally Enclosed Air Over (TEAO) six pole with class 'F' insulation and IP55 protection. The TEAO and class 'F' insulation features ensure long life and are unique to COOL POINT. The motors are factory wired to chiller unit control panel where the motor contactors are located to control the operation of these motors.

  • The unit casing in CWC chillers is made of zinc coated galvanized steel sheets which is phosphatized and baked after an electrostatic powder coat of approximately 60 microns.

  • ALTERNATIVE CONDENSER MATERIAL: Made of copper tubes and alternative fin material and/or protective coating.

  • PART WINDING START: Where specifically required by local codes compressors may be with Part Winding Start.

  • RUN HOUR METER(S): To monitor operating hours of each compressor.