Evaporator Technology

This system is suitable for chilled food items. It provides continuous cooling as long as the truck engine is ON because the compressor is driven by the engine. Inside the unit is evaporator with fan coil arrangement which provides continuous monitoring and central of the temperature inside the cabin of the container.

Eutectic Technology

These systems are specially designed for ice cream and frozen foods. These systems are powered by Landline (WAPDA) and can achieve -35 C temperature in 10 hrs. Once the eutectic tubes are cooled, they maintain their temperature for 72-hrs

Length 197″, Width 85″, Height 87″, suitable for Mazda or Hino Truck

Length 118″, Width 67″, Height 71″, suitable for Shahzor Truck

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Features of Evaporator Technology

  • Temperature Range: +10o C to -20 o C

  • Compressor Type: Automative direct drive from engine.

  • Indoor Cooling Unit: High speed fans runs on truck battery and cooling coil with fin & tube arragement.

  • Control: Microprocessor based temperature central and monitor with defrost timer. This unit is installed in drivers cabin for realtime monitoring of temperature.

Features of Eutectic Technology

  • Temperature Range: +10 o C to -20o C

  • Compressor Type: Sami Sealed Hermetic Compressor directly operated by electricity.

  • Eutectic Tubes: Filled with eutectic solution suitable for food items.


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