CPSF water cooled screw chiller has a compact design, using flooded evaporator and two semi-hermetic screw compressors. Also, it is combined with high-efficiency heat exchanger and microcomputer control technology. With the continuous improvement of products, it has excellent quality, such as great stability, high efficient operating low noise.

It is widely used in all kinds of comfortable and technological occasions, its cooling capacity ranges from 106-509 TR.

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  • Stability: The system is equipped with refrigerant control technique support by oil inducing mechanism that will ensure compressor to have sufficient oil supply all the time.

  • High Efficiency: The compressors used in the system are specially designed for floored type chiller and from re-owned compressor producer. The compressor comes with a built in 2nd stage oil separator that greatly enhance the reliability of the compressor. When cooperated with enhanced performance evaporator, the system is able to deliver high efficiency performance with reliability.

  • Energy Conservation: The system is equipped with multiple capacity staging screw compressor controlled PLC through temperature and pressure transducers.

  • Protection: Protections is provided from refrigerant system, electrical system and water system to ensure safe operation and to provide easy assessment of errors through effective alarm system.

  • Intelligent: The system is controlled through PLC and user is able to monitor and change the system settling through user friendly touch screen panel. Connection to BMS through Ethernet, wired or wireless is possible through different type of gateways; Thus, providing the capability to monitor system operation and performance remotely.

  • Heat Recovery (Optional) The condenser heat recovery in chiller means to recycle the waste heat of condenser in the refrigeration system with heat changing equipment. The high temperature refrigerant discharged by the compressor first enter the heat recovery section, exchange heat with the running water for residential or industry use, and then enter the condenser for heat with the running water for residential or industry use, and then enter the condenser for heat exchanging. This method not only provides hot water but also improve operating condition, greatly reducing the operation cost.


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