COOLPOINT Packaged Air Conditioners are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of the Pakistan severe climatic conditions and are built specifically for outdoor installations, either on ground or roof level. The Packaged Air Conditioners are ideal for warehouses, large halls, schools, mosques, or wherever the requirement is for a heavy-duty unit with a hermetic compressor.

CWPAC Packaged Air Conditioners are completely assembled, internally wired, charged with R22 refrigerant at the factory, tested before dispatch and ready for installation. All that is required on-site is to connect the ducting and power supply. This greatly reduces installation work and costs. They are designed for ducted applications.

Available in 11 different sizes from 7.5 to 49.4 nominal TR (26.3 to 173.7 kW ) CWPAC units are designed to operate in a wide ambient temperature range from 50°F (10.0°C) to 125°F (52.0°C) and even lower if an optional head pressure control system is provided.

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The COOLPOINT Packaged Air Conditioners incorporating a high-efficiency cooling coil, heavy-duty evaporator blower and motor resulting in an extremely rugged, long life, energy-efficient, self-contained unit that will provide cooling at higher efficiency over a long and extended life. Compared to the traditional units available in the market, the COOLPOINT Packaged Units are very low on energy consumption.

  • Compressors used in the Packaged Units are hermetically sealed scroll/Reciprocating type.

  • Condenser coils are manufactured from seamless copper tubes mechanically bonded to aluminum fins to ensure optimum heat transfer.

  • The condenser fans are propeller type, directly driven by electric motors.

  • Evaporator coils are manufactured from 3/8`` (9.5 mm) OD seamless inner grooved copper tubes mechanically bonded to aluminum fins to ensure optimum heat transfer

  • CWPAC come complete, as standard, with correctly sized and piped refrigerant lines including filter drier, thermostatic expansion valve, shutoff valve and a full operating charge of R22 in each circuit

  • Alternate Condenser Material: Made of copper tubes and alternative fin material and protective coating.

  • Alternate Paint: For marine applications, special two coat system will be applied on sheet metal including zinc epoxy primer and polyster powder coating with total DFT 120 microns.

  • Double Skin Evaporator: Inner skin of 0.8 mm galvanized sheet in the evaporator section provided with no cold bridges. Recommended for 100% fresh air applications.

  • Electric Heating: Electric heating, when required, can be provided.

  • Filter Section: Can be provided for flat filters or vee filters configuration for relatively higher or lower, respectively, face velocities on the filters.

  • Galvanized Frame and Base: Recommended for highly corrosive environments.

  • Low Ambient Operation Kit: For operation, down to lower than normal ambient.

  • Stainless Steel Drain Pan: Heavy gauge 316 stainless steel drain pan under the entire cooling coil and moisture eliminator.

  • Liquid Line Sight Glass: For monitoring refrigerant charge and to provide visual indication of moisture presence in system.

  • Extra Shut Off Valve (s): To fully isolate refrigerant filter drier, additional shutoff valve(s) can be incorporated in the liquid line.


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