COOL POINT Packaged Air Conditioners are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of the Pakistan severe climatic conditions and are built specifically for outdoor installations, either on ground or roof level.

The Packaged Air Conditioners are ideal for warehouses, large halls, schools, mosques, or wherever the requirement is for a heavy duty unit with a hermetic compressor.

Available in 11 different sizes from 7.5 to 49.4 nominal TR (26.3 to 173.7 kW) CWPAC units are designed to operate in a wide ambient temperature range from 50°F (10.0°C) to 125°F (52.0°C) and even lower if an optional head pressure control system is provided.

CWPAC Packaged Air Conditioners are completely assembled, internally wired, charged with R22 refrigerant at the factory, tested before dispatch and ready for installation. All that is required on site is to connect the ducting and power supply. This greatly reduces installation work and costs. They are designed for ducted applications.


  • CWAHU are manufactured in combine single unit and insections. All components ofCWAHU are easily accessible Different sectional arrangements & fan discharge positions are possible depending on the site constraints and requirements CWAHU units are suitable both for duct connection or free discharge applications.

  • A typical CWAHU consists of a wide choice of a combination but not limited to the following sections, fan, cooling coil, heating coil, humidifier, filter section, mixing box, return air fan, plenums as standard or optional.


Aluminum Profile Frame CWAHU section casings are constructed of framed modules for maximum rigidity and strength Structure frame is made of aluminum profile, called which has excellent mechanical characteristics. The cross section of this profile is specially designed for this type of applications.Aluminum profiles are connected by means of special corner pieces.


Access and fixed panels are constructed of hot dip galvanized steel. Access panels are provided with quick release fasteners to facilitate access to all internal components for maintenance and service Suitable handles are provided for ease of handling.

All fixed panels are bolted to the frame and provided with special gasket between panels and frames to ensure air tightness. This bolted construction makes all sections accessible from both sides.


  • Non-standard fan size.
  • Explosion proof motor.
  • Variable speed drive (Frequency Inverter).
  • Standby motor (additional) with manual change over.
  • Coating on fans.
  • Motorized dampers / manual dampers.
  • 2” Insulation


Capacity (KW)

Option 1 Stages Option 2 Stages
12 6 1 9 2
16 7.5 1 12 2
24 12 1 18 2
32 15 1 24 2
40 18 1 27 2
50 24 1 36 2
62 30 1 45 2