COOLPOINT Condensing Units are designed and manufactured especially for use in systems with indoor units connected to remote condensing units located outdoors. The feature of the CWCU is the extreme flexibility available with COOLPOINT in modifying and adapting these condensing units to meet almost any application requirement for a DX split system in this size range.

CWCU are rated as per principle of ARI 365/94 and ARI 210 240/94 standards.

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Available in 13 basic sizes covering a range from 5.0 to 50.0nominal TR (1887 kW) in 50Hz, the CWCU can be designed to operate in a wide ambient range from 25°F (4°C) to 125°F (52°C).

Most designers prefer the standard operating design range of 60°F (15°C) to 125°F (52°C). With a few standard options available from COOLPOINT, as described, the units can be made to operate satisfactorily for lower design conditions. A choice of single or double refrigerant circuits makes the CWCU additionally attractive to suit the site requirement.

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  • Compressor: Compressors used in COOLPOINT CWCU Air Cooled Condensing Units are fully hermetic / semi hermetic type. The compressors incorporate a built-in muffler and are mounted on springs within a heavy gauge steel housing to give a low noise level.

  • Condenser: Condenser coils are air cooled and manufactured from seamless copper tubes mechanically bonded to wavy plate type aluminum fins to ensure optimum heat transfer. All coils are tested against leakage by nitrogen pressure of 450 psig (3100 KPa) under water.

  • Condenser Fan & Motor: Condenser fans are propeller type with aluminum alloy blades and are directly driven by electric motors.

  • Refrigerant: The units are designed and rated to be used with R-22.

  • Casing/Structure: The unit casing used in CWCU condensing units is made of zinc coated galvanized steel sheets conforming to JISG 3302 and ASTM A525 which is phosphatized and baked after an electrostatic powder coat of approximately 60 microns.

  • Refrigerant Piping: All internal piping provided in the CWCU are made from copper tubes.

  • Microprocessor Based Control (MCP): The controller consists of a display unit and relay boards. The display is mounted in a space / room and the relay card / s are mounted in the unit control panel.

  • Low Ambient Operation Kit: LAO option provides operation down to lower than normal winter ambient. Required only for special applications.

  • Low Ambient Operation Kit: LAO option provides operation down to lower than normal winter ambient. Required only for special applications.

  • Galvanized Frame: Hot dip galvanized after manufacture, steel frame and base.

  • Condenser Coil Guard: Coil wire mesh guard, in painted or galvanized finish for condensers. Recommended for ground level installations where coil needs to be protected against vandalism.

  • Run Hour Meter(s): To monitor operating hours of each compressor.

  • Hot Gas Bypass System: With solenoid to enable operation of a large sized unit at very low loads, during low ambient due to application requirements.

  • Isolated Condenser Fan Motors: For elimination of extraneous noise and vibration from condenser fan motor, the motors are isolated from the frame.

  • Rota-lock Valves on Compressors: For additional facilitation of maintenance of unit.

  • Circuit Breaker for Compressor: For those electrical specifications which require additional protection.

  • Manual Reset-type Hi Pressure Switch: Can be used to replace the factory set nonadjustable, standard hi pressure switch.

  • Anti-vibration mounts: Recommended for roof mounted units or other locations in the vicinity of occupied spaces, where noise may be objectionable.


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